Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jose Luis Velazquez Requinto Romantico

This was my first guitar. It was a gift from my aunt when I still lived in Mexico over 20 years ago. It had remained in Mexico at my parents' house for over a decade before I decided to bring it with me to the states. It is a requinto romantico handmade in Paracho, Michoacan by Jose Luis Velazquez. It has a solid spruce top, solid palo escrito (Mexican rosewood) sides and back, rosewood fretboard and mother of pearl soundhole inlay (pictured below.)

The requinto romantico is a small guitar that's tuned all the way up to A. This gives it a very bright and beautiful sound, perfect for rasqueo style in Mexican music, or soloing over trio-style songs. Growing up, I never gave this guitar the respect it deserved. Now I have a lot of appreciation for its craftsmanship and sound.

There's not a whole lot of information available online about this luthier or requintos in general. But, Candelas Guitars sells requintos made by Tomas Delgado. His mahogany requinto is remarkably similar to mine.
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msalazar said...

have a guitar from jl velazquez dated "20 noviembre 24".cracked,still sounds great!do you know where i might sell this antique

ColorJoy LynnH said...

It is just beautiful! Just found your blog through Jane's.

Big huge hugs from chilly and rainy Lansing.


TOMAS said...

Hello Jose Luis. It is Tomas Delgado from Candelas Guitars. I just ran across your site. It is great to know someone as passionate about music/guitars.