Sunday, February 24, 2008

1986 Fender American Standard Stratocaster

What better way to inaugurate my guitar-related blog than with an American classic. This is my most recent purchase. It is a first-year Fender American Standard Stratocaster. I've wanted a 70s strat for a while, but prices on these appear to be artificially inflated. I've been told that in the 80s it was cheaper to buy a 70s strat than a new American Standard. This situation has apparently reversed itself, so I opted for this 1986 American Standard in Inca Silver. I think these 80s American Standards are of outstanding quality compared to newer strats.
Before I decided on this one, I went to a vintage shop where I tried a number of strats. I tried everything from vintage reissues to custom shop items. I then saw an 80s American Standard in the "cheaper strat section" and I decided to try it. That 80s standard played and sounded better than all the other "$1,000 or more" strats I tried. But I didn't like the color.
Then I saw this one online and the price was right, so I bought it. I am very happy with this guitar. I had never understood why so many guitarists went gaga over strats. I can now say that I finally get it. This humble stratocaster plays, sounds and feels amazing.


Bryan said...

Hey Pedro,
I think that I have a strat EXACTLY like your '86 strat (down to the color even)! I've been researching the history of mine and have a couple of questions that you could maybe help me with:
1) what is the serial number on your strat?
2) 22 frets I take it?
3) If you've ever taken off the pickguard, does the routing underneath look like a big rectangle (swimming pool) or is it routed for individual pickups?

I guess that's it. Any info would be much appreciated!!

Ben said...

Hey Pedro, I just bought a 86 American standard strat. These American 86 models are very hard to find. The guitars were made when Fender was starting over from buying out CBS. Fender produced only a few guitars a day to make sure they were quality instruments. So these 86 standards are very well made guitars.
Thanks Ben.